Plaid Face Mask - Made in USA

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Layered Cotton Face Masks Washable - Plaid - Made in USA. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Features 100% woven cotton, inverted pleats to allow the wearer to expand the mask to fit his or her face, elastic straps to fit around ears, 4-inch metal nose bridge sewn into top binding.

One size fits most.

Elastic length: Cut at 7.5” — Measures 7” from edge of mask.

Machine wash in gentle cycle or hand wash. Air drying is recommended.

100% cotton, sourced from the U.S.

Note: Due to 1/4-inch elastic shortages, the elastic used in your masks may not be exactly as shown; it may slightly thinner or wider, stretchier or stiffer. The color will stay the same. Thank you for your understanding.