Face Mask w/ Head Straps, Red Gingham - Made in USA

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Headstrap Cotton Face Mask Washable - Red/White/Blue Plaid - Made in USA. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Features 100% woven cotton shell and lining, inverted pleats to allow the wearer to expand the mask to fit his or her face, elastic straps to fit behind the head for increased comfort, center dart for better fit, 4-inch metal nose bridge sewn into top binding.

One size fits most

Machine wash as you would other cotton items. Air drying is recommended.

100% cotton, sourced from U.S. textile companies.

*Please note: Due to 1/4-inch elastic shortages, the elastic used in your masks may not be exactly as shown; it may slightly thinner or wider, stretchier or stiffer. The color will stay the same. Thank you for your understanding.